Point02 Nano/Micro Technology Program

Core Courses

 Sorts  Courses
 Introduction to Nanotechnology Introduction to Nanotechnology
 Special Topics on Nanotechnology Nanobiotechnology; Nanomaterials Science and Technology; Fabrication and Characterization of Nano-devices; Magneto-Optics Principle and Technology; Nanostructured Materials; The Manufacture Processes, Characterizations and Applications of thin film Materials; Magnetic thin film depositions, characterizations and applications; Vacuum thin film depositions and thin film characterizations; Thin film materials and processings; Nanomaterials and processings
 Optoelectonics Engineering Magneto-Optics Principle and Technology; Fundamentals of Photonics (1)(2); Opto Electronic Engineering; Modern Optics; Semiconductor Optics, Introduction to Modern Optical Microscopy; Bio-optoelectronic Technology; The Physics of Optoelectronic Semiconductor Devices; Electro-Optical Semiconductor Techniques; Theory and Applications of Integrated Optics; Micro-Optics (1)(2)
 Microelectrical and Mechanical Systems Introduction to MEMS; Analysis and Design of Microelectromechanical Systems; Advanced MEMS Fabrication Techniques; Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems Technology

Selective Courses

 Sorts  Courses
 Bio-engineering Introduction of Life Science Biotechnology,
 Quantum Mechanics Introduction to Modern Physics
 Senors and Analytical Techniques Characterization of Nanomaterials and Nanostructures; Sensors & MEMS Engineering; Advanced Materials Characterizations; Microanalysis of Materials; Measurements for Nanotechnology;
 Semiconductor Engineering Manufacturing Processes and Instruments for MEMS; Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment; Solid State Physics, Introduction to Semiconductor Theory and Devices; Semiconductor Processing and Fundamentals; Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment; Compound Semiconductor Device Engineering
 Computational Mechanics Computational Fluid Mechanics; Control Engineering
 Integrations of Optoelectronics and Mechantronics Introduction to Mechantronics; Automatic Control Systems
 Biological Sciences Biotechnique; Introduction of Bioengineering; Cell Biology, Biological Electron Microscopy; Biochemistry; Molecular Biology, Immunology
 Laboratory Experiments MEMS Fabrication Lab; Basic Biology Laboratory
 Independent Research This course is planned to develop students' ability of independent research.