Department of Systems Engineering and Naval Architecture

The primary mission of this department is to educate students in naval architecture and mechanical engineering, which involves the teaching of structures, fluids, acoustics, and mechatronics. Specifically, we prepare undergraduate students for advanced graduate work and for jobs in the public and private sectors. We also prepare graduate students for careers in fundamental and applied research.

Our secondary mission is providing students with research and development opportunities in industries, such as naval architecture, fluid engineering, and structural engineering, ultimately enabling students to develop and use high-quality systems in these industries. Experience in the field, proficiency in the laboratory, and familiarity with complex computer modeling are all essential components of success in these research programs.

This department contains three research centers: the Underwater Acoustics and Hydrodynamics Research Center, the Sound and Vibration Research Center, and the Marine Industry and Information Management Research Center. The department offers BS, MS, and PhD degrees to qualified candidates.