Department of Harbor and River Engineering

The scope of harbor and river engineering provides students with the opportunity to gain a deep understanding of the latest technology and analytic methods in the fields of civil, hydraulic, coastal, and ocean engineering. The educational goals of the department are to help students develop the comprehensive background knowledge that is required in professional engineering and to provide students with a macro view of engineering and foster civil responsibility. The department offers BS, MS, Executive Master of Engineering, and PhD degrees. The undergraduate and graduate programs are accredited by the IEET. Academic research focuses on structural analysis and design, geotechnical engineering, materials, hydrodynamics, water resource management, and hydrology.

Degrees are offered in the following majors: Hydrodynamics of Wave Motion, Beach Erosion, Coastal Sediment Estuary, Water Resources and Hydraulic Engineering, Engineering Behaviors of Soil and Rock, Pile Foundations, Mechanical Behaviors of Construction Materials, Structural Mechanics, and Solid Mechanics.